Amber King
Melbourne Blonde Escort

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A sensual blonde escort in melbourne

Connection. Chemistry. Conversation. And carnal liaisons. 

Lace all four up with a double-bow of feminine sensuality and sweet charisma, and you have Amber King (that’s me).

They would have hung me for my discretions in the 17th Century, but today, prioritising pleasure is my passion.

Maybe just like you?



You're seeking a petite, blonde escort in Melbourne to spend your time with. You're a man of great taste and you like to indulge, taking the time to lick your sticky fingers clean. You seek style, substance, and an affair to store for future day dreams.

Your dream girl? Intelligent, educated and well-travelled, yet down-to-earth. Eager to converse on worldly affairs, but just as likely to giggle at your Dad jokes.

More than happy to please and committed to a memorable encounter with you.

Sound tempting? You've come to the right place.

Explicit Details

Height: 164cm

Size: 6-8

Age: 30

Physique: Slim and toned

Hair: Blonde 

Eyes: Hazel/Green



Client Reviews

Read them all on Scarlet Blue.

“I have seen the incredible Miss Amber King on several occasions now and with each encounter the experience is exponentially excellent.

After our dinner, the evening moved us to the couch where some sublime kissing followed. I honestly have to say I haven't enjoyed such passionate kissing in a long time. This continued to the inevitable boudoir activities and I really lost all sense of this being a booking with an escort and felt rather more it was a intimate first encounter with a new lover.

For me, I felt I had met someone very special who, not surprisingly, stayed on my mind for many days after our encounter that I made another booking, and another ....

I suspect that for some of you, this repeat booking is no surprise.”

– Mr J.

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