An amorous

awakening awaits...


Who is Amber King?

Hi there :) I'm Amber King. Sometimes I call myself a blonde belle de nuite. Other times I call myself your bon vivant call girl, GFE Melbourne, secret sweetheart, an independent escort in Melbourne, or a your personal travel companion.

These phrases all allude to the same day dream:

I hold the key to an escape where pleasure is freed from clandestine confines. I provide a thoughtful and genuine experience for men who want to indulge.

Physically, mentally, and carnally. 




A feminine and petite belle de nuit sauntering towards you from across the room. With locks of golden hair that cascade in curls down my back, or fall in messy waves (depending on my mood), I resemble somewhat of a fallen angel, dressed in all white or baby pink. My pale skin and impeccable complexion glows under your gaze, and a light smattering of freckles on my nose suggests a youthful joie de vivre. 

Once undressed, my light scattering of beauty marks and birth marks are ideal for exploring as an intimate game of eye-spy, best grazed with feathers and light fingers.

With curves in all right places, a toned stomach, strong thighs and scrumptious derriere, you'll know you've made the right choice.

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Time with Amber

You've seen my photos, but are wondering, what is she actually like in person?

Allow me to paint a picture.

To begin with, I approach all that I meet like an old friend. I already accept you, welcome you, and cherish you as an equal. When conversing, I'm articulate, with an extensive vocabulary and razor sharp mind. But I'm not always so serious – I know how to laugh, and will pepper my conversations with both high brow and low brow topics. I'll keep you on your toes, and relish an intellectual equal who can stimulate my mind too. Want to just relax and leave the serious stuff? I'm happy with that too.

I've been told that my curious and enquiring nature is one of my best traits, and I tend to agree. I'm constantly learning, and relish a new mental challenge. I have a degree in Mass Communications, and am completing my Masters in Sexology. I'm fascinated by psychology, sexual health, communication, technology and relationship dynamics, and hope to turn this passion into a career! 

I also adore travelling, and aim for at least one overseas trip every year. My preference is Europe, being lucky enough to be whisked away regularly as a child to explore my family's heritage (I'm a blend of German, Scottish and Swedish). Today, I count Paris, Berlin and London as my favourite cities.

If you haven't been able to tell by my predilection for reading and learning, I'm more on the introverted side, identifying as an INFP. Always with my head in a book or penning my thoughts on the latest topic du jour, I work best one-on-one, rather than charming large groups of people.

But don't be disuaded by my preferences - I consider this a blessing as I play to my strengths.

I can expertly craft an intimate space just for you and I, offering you my complete and undivided attention. I'm not the kind of lady to be distracted by her phone, and I can play the role of eloquent and engaging dinner date, or playful nymph with ease and grace.

My transformation depends on your needs, and what you prefer behind closed doors.

I love to be entertained, and to provide entertainment. Of course, I'm best in an environment that requires participation, which is why I adore human interaction. If you're looking for a companion to converse and debate with, you've come to the right place. I'm an excellent communicator with a curious mind that yearns for expansion at every opportunity.





I'm often told that I'm easy to open up to, due to my ability to listen generously. From spilling your wildest fantasies and deepest secrets, or simply being able to share your opinions, be silly and enjoy yourself with me, unwinding is a breeze.

An experience with me is a perfectly curated opportunity to escape from reality. When you're with me, you're able to slip away from the daily grind, to a new reality; one where you are the King of your kingdom.

Expect high quality, authenticity and careful attention to your needs and desires. The only thing I will not concede to is poor manners - I simply don't have time for them.


Explicit details


Height: 165cm

Size: 6-8

Age: 30

Physique: Slim and toned

Hair: Blonde 

Eyes: Hazel/Green


Complexion: Fair but tans easily

Bust: 10c

Waist: 65cm

Hips: 85cm

Shoe size: 39

Tattoos: One, forearm


Piercings: Stomach and ears

Best feature: My brain, and my butt

Favourite city: Paris

Favourite food: 90% dark chocolate

Favourite designer: Gucci

Favourite book: Stoic philosophy

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I want you to want me

Like what you've read so far?

I can't wait to here from you :)