Couples Escort Melbourne

For the threesome experience of your dreams.


A triangulated tryst for the loquacious couple

You and your partner adore each other to death, but it’s time to introduce an added element of surprise.

You’ve tried fancy toys, new positions, perhaps even a touch of Tantra…and yet you still thirst for greater discoveries.

Enter the spark to fuel your sexual renaissance…the unicorn: a woman who loves having sex with loved-up couples. She exists, and she’s here to guide you into a world of uninhibited fun with expertise and an authentic zeal for all that she does.

Why book an escort for a threesome?

You’ve likely turned to the dating apps in search of your perfect unicorn to complete your triad of passion. Or perhaps you’ve enlisted an inebriated friend to join you two for evening.

Yet turning to technology and your friends can yield a myriad of results – most of them unfavourable.

By allowing a professional to orchestrate an evening of elevated fun, you save time and energy otherwise spent trying to find and keep a girl engaged, not to mention, keep emotions out of it.

An escort understands the dynamic of a threesome perfectly, and uses her sexual repertoire to ensure everyone feels satisfied and weak-kneed come the end of the encounter.

couples escort Melbourne

When you book an escort to join you, you avoid the messiness and unclear boundaries that might ruin an otherwise sensational experience.


I’m genuinely bisexual and love to share

I take great pleasure and honour in joining loved-up couples on their erotic journeys. It’s incredibly satisfying to be wrapped in the warmth of two people who seek to expand their sexuality, reignite their intimacy with new experiences, and then take that energy back to their relationship.

But I understand how such a situation can create nervous tension. I do all that I can to alleviate any anxiety before we meet, and am happy to chat on the phone prior to go over your questions and boundaries. Ensuring you have a memorable experience is my priority!


All of my couples experience include the full extent of what I offer in my Kinky Girlfriend Experience. I recommend a minimum of 90 mins to allow to us get comfortable and relax over a glass of vino and fresh strawberries.

90 mins: AU$1200 / SGD$1200 / HKD$6400 / £650

2 hours: AU$1500 / SGD$1500 / HKD$3700 / £380