Deposit Policy

Hello curious creature,

You've been directed to this page because you're about to set the date to spend time with me.

Before you transfer your deposit, please read this page carefully to make sure you're comfortable with my refund policy.

I have 2 different policies - one for Melbourne bookings, and another for my tours.


Melbourne bookings

How much is a deposit?

A portion of the total cost of our time together, dependent on how long we're spending together.

As a general rule of thumb, I ask for $100 per hour we spend together.

Therefore, a 4 hour booking requires a $400 deposit.


How do I pay a deposit?

I will text you the details of my bank account or direct you to purchase a Prezzee gift card. I only accept direct deposit via internet banking, direct cash deposit at a SMART CBA ATM, or Prezzee as a more discreet option.

For international clients, I accept gift vouchers to a store of my choosing.

I do not accept PayPal transfers or Credit Card payments.


How do I settle the remaining balance?

The remaining balance is due in cash when we first meet. This is to be physically handed to me in person and counted before we enjoy ourselves.


I want to cancel my booking. Can I get a refund on my deposit?

It depends on your circumstances. If you’re a regular with no history of cancelling, I may allow you to transfer the booking to another time. If you are a new client, it depends upon our communication and trust.


I don't want to pay a deposit because I might have to cancel.

In these situations, I would recommend holding off on contacting me unless you're 100% sure you have the time to see me.


I have to cancel, but can I reschedule instead?

I do reschedule dates for trusted and reliable existing regulars (2+ more bookings) with no prior history of cancelling or rescheduling.



I've cancelled over 48 hours in advance. Can I get a refund on my deposit?

I don't refund deposits for tours, as the deposits are what I use to pay for accommodation and flights. Without deposits, touring isn't feasible.

If I have time, you may be able to reschedule.


I've cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. Can I get a refund on my deposit?

See above.

I’ve paid a deposit and need to reschedule. Can I use my deposit for another booking?

If I have time, you may be able to reschedule without paying another deposit.


I don't want to pay a deposit because I might have to cancel.

When I'm on tour, I can have last minute windows of opportunity. Get in touch to find out if I'm free last minute when I'm on tour. However, touring isn’t possible without deposits. If everyone took this approach, I would never tour.