Can’t come to Melbourne?

Why not fly me to you?


A special, first-class delivery could be coming your way!

Imagine this: you’ve been admiring your long-distance lover from afar for a while now (that’s me!).

There’s just one logistical dilemma that prevents us meeting: you don’t call Melbourne home, and my touring itinerary never quite seems to align with your schedule. Sigh.

Or perhaps you’re travelling all on your lonesome, and need someone to share your pool lounge with.

The answer? Fly Me To You!

Why fly me to you?

For the gentleman, couple or lady who truly seeks a premium delivery unlike any other, requesting a Fly Me To You date is one of the best ways to give yourself the gift of pleasure. Not to mention, I’m delighted to be your special treat for the day, evening, or week!

Fly Me To You dates are best suited to those who want a relaxed and indulgent time with the companion of their dreams. By making the space and time in our schedules to be together, we’re able to create memories that go beyond shorter bookings in our respective cities. It’s our time to fully capitalise on a holiday state of mind, and take our time to truly indulge in each other’s company.




As an avid traveller with a zest for adventure, I strongly encourage interstate and international Fly Me To You dates. I relish the chance to explore new places, and delight in visiting old favourites. I can visit you in your home city, or we can escape the daily grind together and jet set somewhere new!

For Fly Me To You dates based in SA, NSW and TAS, bookings must be 4 hours minimum and lunch/dinner dates are preferred so we have energy to fuel our time together.

Bookings in QLD must be 5 hours minimum. Bookings in WA and NT must be overnight bookings.

International FMTY bookings in Asia require a overnight minimum.

International FMTY bookings in the UK/Europe require a 3-day minimum.

Your Personal Holiday Companion

Too busy to plan your annual leave? Or perhaps you’re yearning for adventure, but don’t seek to walk an unknown path alone.

As an enthusiastic jet-setter myself, I understand all-too-well the stress of planning your down time. From selecting a hotel, to finding flights and sights to see, it’s no wonder we don’t take enough vacations!

Why not leave the finer details up to me, so you can focus on relaxing poolside with a drink hand, and me on your other arm?

As a highly organised, type-A individual, I can select our flights, our hotel, our accommodation, and plan our day to be as tranquil or as intriguing as you’d like it to be.

What’s included?

♔ Local (VIC), interstate or international travel

Sweet GFE or Kinky GFE

♔ Your personal and precocious tour guide

♔ Holiday planning

♔ Luxurious down-time with exquisite company

♔ A lifetime of memories shared together




The rates below do not include travel costs or accommodation. These are to be paid in advance by you when confirming your booking, along with a 50% deposit to confirm our time together.

4 hour lunch date/dinner date

Sweet GFE = $1700 / Kinky GFE = $2000

6 hour lunch date/dinner date

Sweet GFE = $2700 / Kinky GFE = $3200

A salacious sleep over

Sweet GFE = $4000 / Kinky GFE = $4500

A day with Amber (24 hours)

Sweet GFE = $6500 / Kinky GFE = $7000

Weekend Adventure (48 hours)

Sweet GFE = $12000 / Kinky GFE = $13000

Your gift-wrapped pleasure trove could be coming your way soon…