Connection and selection: how to choose a private escort


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Perhaps one of the biggest quandaries of a gentleman’s life is learning to make decisions in alignment with his values and preferences. Because let’s be frank here momentarily – you’re a man, and not a boy. You make your choices depending on your own internal compass, and not based upon popular philosophies and social pressure.

From where you live, to where you choose to dine, you’re making decisions all-day, every day. And that process can get tiring. It’s called decision fatigue, and it’s a very real dilemma for the modern man.

Introduce the potential to enjoy the company of a variety of highly licentious women, and you have yourself quite the dilemma. There are thousands of sirens at your fingertips - how on earth do you choose between such beauties? It's a difficult cognitive load to bare.

Here’s the truth: indulgence should be a relaxing experience. You don’t want to add more labour to your stressful life by adding another decision to your overflowing plate of choices.


Yet when it comes to interpersonal relations, considered action is essential. You want to consider your play mate the same way you would a work of art, exploring her intricate curves and features with your eyes and mind until you feel she resonates with you on multiple levels.


So, leave your choice in restaurants, hotels and Uber drivers down to reviews and starred ratings.

When it comes to choosing a loving, affectionate companion, you’ll need to look within.


Not sure where to start?

Here are a few thought prompts to help you select the companion of your dreams.


Know the law

I currently reside in Victoria, Australia, a state where legislation prohibits escorts from doing a lot of things. Luckily, sex work is decriminalised. But perhaps in your city, state, or country, it’s not.

I urge you to check what the law is in your neighbourhood. You’ll want to explore:

a)    local council laws which can prevent use of hotels for romantic rendezvous.

b)   state laws which prohibit in-calls (where an escort invites you to her place of residence).

c)    If your sex worker has a license in a state that requires all sex works to have one. Illegal activities are such a turn off.


What is it worth to you?

As a private escort who doesn’t want to create a social class system of escorts, I don’t want to comment on what other sex workers charge. But as a general rule of thumb, those lusty vixens who’ve been providing sensational services for years will charge a premium, because they’re the best in show and deserve to receive what they’re worth. Those who are fresh to the industry will charge competitively because they want to expand their experience, much like any other professional.



A picture says a thousand words, but a finely curated profile will provide a million more messages. Most escorts will provide a detailed description of the personality, interests, values and preferences. As a writer myself, I get a thrill out of connecting with the minds and hearts of others through the written word, and aim to speak to a select demographic who similarly values the attention and effort I put into constructing my online profile.

Don’t skim an escort’s profile or bio – there are a lot of indicators within which will tell you whether or not you’re a match made in heaven.



A private escort with a good track record of providing an exceptional experience will give you a good indicator of her professionalism. However, new private escorts won’t have any reviews, but don’t let they sway you in the opposite direction. All escorts were new at some point, so don’t be afraid to set a date with a private escort without reviews, particularly if you’ve found her profile intriguing and unique. Having said that, some escorts prefer that detailed accounts of their dates not be published publically. This is why some reviews are fairly vague in detail, even for the most established ladies. The only way to tell if you'll form a connection with a private escort is to actually meet them in the flesh.


Make your choice in alignment with your preferences. Create a connection that corresponds with your values. The rest is sexual alchemy.