How to make sex a sensory indulgence


Some people seek familiarity in the same sexual repertoire: 69, girl on top, guy on top, he comes, they cuddle, then a blissful snooze. It's a recipe for sumptuous success.

Some find themselves standing at the edge of safety and control, indulging in the heavier side of BDSM as their escape from reality. They shackle themselves to bed posts to unshackle themselves from monotony. Sound familiar?

For others (like myself), engaging - and sometimes depriving - all of the senses is key the to the ultimate sexual satisfaction.

For sex to be a fulfilling, expansive, pleasurable and intimate experience, there's more to a tryst than a gourmet display of bodies, a delicious moan and the feel of a body quivering against you (or under you).

We get a rush from all of our senses, and I encourage you to engage all of them. But for most, one or two senses are dominant, and well worth exploring in complexity. When we uncover these senses, we're then able to create a passion menu that's not only mouth-watering, but nourishing too.

Bon Appetite.

PS: This post is written for those who are new to exploring their desires. If you're a passion connoisseur, you may find these familiar.

PPS: Never try anything new in the boudoir without discussing with your lover prior to taking your clothes off. Consent is sexy!


A sight to behold

I'm far from an expert on human psychology, but it's oft touted that men are highly visual. This is why porn is primarily consumed by men. So if you, like most men, find yourself tantalised by sexual imagery, you'll want to focus on visual stimulation when you're with your lover. A well-placed mirror is the perfect frame for the artwork of your love making. Don't feel comfortable looking at yourself? Cowgirl is the ultimate visual feast, as you're able to take in the sight of her entire bouncing torso.

To enhance your other senses, consider a blindfold as part of your sensory exploration. Upon removal of the blindfold, you may even find the withheld visual stimulus intensely satiating, like the first bite of a juicy mango once summer finally arrives.


Teasing with touch

The sensation of silken skin underneath your touch may be your ultimate turn-on, but have you ever tried mixing or layering your physical sensations? This is where a multitude of safe and sexy toys come in to play, quite literally. Those who've spent time in my company know I adore relaxing my suitors with a massage, usually accompanied by a scented and edible body oil. It's the perfect way to relax and unwind, particularly for nervous first dates. 

Perhaps a rumbling vibration is enough to send you over the edge? For those who require an intense dose of physical sensation, vibrating cock rings deliver a double dose or pleasure. While you're enjoying the sensation of the vibrations and her silken wetness, she's experiencing the cock ring vibrating against her clit, while you expertly slide in and out of her pussy.

I also love caressing and being caressed with feather ticklers, paying attention to circle nipples softly, and tickle inner thighs and pereniums.  


Sweet Music

Music has the positive effect on altering your mood and brain function. That's why aural stimulus can provide the perfect tempo to either match or elevate your stamina, not to mention, limber up the libido.

Depending upon my suitor, I'm taken to playing either a bit of soul, r'n'b, or electronic pop to provide some background ambience (or to energise us!).

For younger gentlemen, I generally find musical equals who'll enjoy my taste in popular tunes. For those who don't wish for the boudoir to sound like a nightclub, some slower and steadier bedroom ballads are on my playlist.

And yes, I'm wont to play a cheesy love song occasionally too. Who said sex has to be so serious?

But the ultimate serenader? The sounds of a lover whispering lascivious deceits in my ear...


Sexy scents

Scents are a marvellous anchor for sparking the memory. Which is why I love inspiring day-dreams via decadent candles and delicious body oils. Imagine seeing me on the backs of your eyelids next time you smell cocoa and berries.

Not to mention, is there anything more memorable than the taste of a woman?


Tantalising tastes

The natural taste of our body juices is a heady aphrodisiac for most. In fact, some say oral sex is more intimate and confronting than actual intercourse itself. 

In my opinion, enhancing a savoured affair is best done with sweet, desert-like creams and body oils, creating a saccharine treat for me to devour. My personal favourite taste sensation is a caramel-flavoured cream that I use to make my lover's body even more delectable. Yes, I love sucking cock, but I'm also moaning because yours tastes like a neverending cupcake.

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