Top 10 Escort Turn Ons


After taking a month off from blogging, I’ve come back from Thailand with the energy to share the post that Twitter voted for back in October: The Top 10 Escort Turn Ons.

As with anything to do with sex, generalising is fraught with inaccuracy. Ergo, a few of these points might not apply to your favourite companion. But as a rule of thumb, and having spoken to many an escort (not to mention, being one), I present to you: 10 turn ons that will get your plaything eager to see you again, and happy to recommend to her girlfriends too.



1.    Communication

There’s an unrealistic expectation that the perfect erotic encounter relies upon intuition, psychic abilities and the unfolding of a movie scene. This isn’t reality – this is what you see on the silver screen.

As escorts and erotic experts, we’re often mistaken for having some sort of sexual sorcery, that allows us to discern exactly what is needed in the moment. That perhaps we will know just what you like, or perhaps you believe that you’re the sexual mastermind, able to intuit our needs without a moment’s thought.

Sadly, this sort of scenario doesn’t quite play out as one would imagine. An enjoyable, satisfying and memorable encounter relies upon communication: that’s telling us what you want, and us returning the same favour.

Instead of poking around or emulating what you saw on Red Tube once, try asking, “Does that feel good?” “How do you like to be touched?” or “How can I make you cum?”



2.    Hygiene

While I’m personally not one to pop a gentlemen in the shower within the first 2 minutes, if a shower is offered, you should generally accept it. Don’t forget to scrub everywhere – and I mean everywhere, especially your anus (I have to say it). Even if you’re not asking for anal play, no one likes soiled bed sheets (a graphic statement, but necessary).



3.    Appreciate her lingerie

Selecting the right wrapping for our beautiful bodies takes time, intention and a lot of money. Because we spend so much of our energy hunting down the right lingerie, it feels wasteful to immediately rip it off. Try appreciating the bells and whistles that adorn our frames: visually admiring our bras, running your hands over our lacy derriers, and slowly unwrapping us like an early Xmas gift.


4.    Kissing

Not all escorts like to kiss, but for those who offer GFE and PSE, kissing is an intimate experience that almost rivals intercourse itself. Refrain from pecking, or snaking your tongue down your companion’s throat. Keep it slow and sensual, and if she’s pulling away, you might just be best letting her lead.


5.    Honour her time

Feeling rushed equals stress, and stress is an instant mood killer. It pays to be on time for your booking (don’t be early and don’t be late, be on TIME), and don’t overstay your welcome. Meandering for 15 mins extra might mean your companion has less time to prepare for her next booking, and a hint of annoyance on her part. Goodbye lady boner! And while I personally don’t set a timer, I do know girls who do for chronic over-stayers!


6.    Teasing

Taking your time to work up to the grand, orgasmic crescendo is an utterly hypnotic experience, wouldn’t you agree? We want what we can’t have immediately, which makes withholding orgasm even greater. That’s why I offer Lingham massage to my clients, a type of tantric massage that makes mindfulness and surrender very sexy indeed.



7.    Organisation

The idea that sex should be spontaneous is one that is best kept in the movies or with your life partner (even then that’s not realistic). Although it might seem that way in our pictures, we don’t generally roll out of bed and have a flock of blue birds ensure we’re looking our most regal. Most of us require a bit of a beauty ritual, and a little bit of me-time to get into the zone so that we can offer you our best selves.

For all of this to take place we need a bit of prior planning. So please, from the bottom of our makeup drawers, please give us at least 24 hours notice, unless we’ve indicated we’re available now.




8.    Sensations

About a year ago I subletted an in call from another worker in Perth. She had a cup of feather placed beside her bed. Tracing one on the back of my hand, I understood their strange role in the boudoir.

Playing with different textures and temperatures can be utterly seductive and forces you to be completely in your body, and out of your head. I now bring feather ticklers with me to every booking so everyone can enjoy the fun!



9.    Oral sex

Caveat: great oral sex. But look, everyone starts somewhere, and if your efforts aren’t making anyone’s thighs quiver, I feel you. I HAVE BEEN THERE. It takes practice and attention to get the art of pussy eating right, so don’t feel poorly if you’re not an expert yet. If you’re looking for pointers, I highly recommend getting your hands on a book called She Comes First by Ian Kerner.



10. A thank you text

She’s closed the door or left your hotel, leaving nothing behind but a few stray hairs amongst your pillows. What to do now? Send her a thank you text. It brings a school girl giddy smile to my face when I receive an expression of gratitude from my paramours. Those who take their job seriously actually care about the emotional and physical effect they have on their clients. Knowing that our hard work has had the desired effect – to make you happy and feel wanted – gives us immense job satisfaction. 



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