2019 – the year of globetrotting and gluttony


You know what they say about us Geminis – we’re flighty, prone to changing our minds and possess a zealous thirst for travel.

If you haven’t heard it before, then let me tell you – it’s all true.

Which is why 2019 is the year of adventure for myself. It’s the year of setting my sights on new terrains, of saying YES more, and of having my passport at the ready, always.


Yet I can’t blame my wanderlust on Astrology all together. Growing up as the daughter of two self-confessed travel junkies, I was bitten by the travel bug early on. I had my 3rdbirthday in Germany with my family as we travelled around the country side in a campervan. I’ve attended pre-school in the south of England, and waited outside the gates of Disneyland in Florida for Minnie Mouse to usher me inside.

I’ve been lost in Japan, which is no fun as a child, let me tell you.

By age 12, I’d been to more countries than any of my friends (back in the 90s, travel was not the norm in Australia and not nearly as accessible as it is now).


Seeing new places has been a consistent theme throughout my entire life, as weekends were permanently punctuated with road trips around NSW. 

But that changed when I hit puberty. Travelling was possible as a child when my parents could rely on cheaper airfares (and a grandmother to gregariously pay for it). But as a young adult earning minimum wage, my travel dreams were stowed away while study became a priority (not to mention, paying rent and feeding myself). I ached to immerse myself in foreign waters and an income to support my lofty imagination. Travel became a dream for one day while my bank balance rejected any international aspirations.


I’m now privileged enough to be blessed with a flexible schedule that allows me to take off when the feeling arises, and an income that allows for a comfortable amount of travel. 

I’m privileged, yes, and I firmly believe that I’m a better person while I’m on holiday.


I’m more adventurous, never one to turn down an opportunity to expand.

I’m more open, eager to connect with strangers who can challenge me and help me see the world differently.

I’m more resilient, and I go with the flow as travel mishaps occur (and they always do).

I’m far less inhibited, free from the structures of ordinary life which see me far less excited to explore.

I’m well slept in comfortable hotel beds and possess an energy to taste all that life has to offer.

All of these stew together to form a new sexual appetite that’s hungry for a life less ordinary.

It’s a bit of cycle, really. You see, there’s something about holiday sex that makes me ravenous for a new journey. A new journey awakens the beast within.


When I’m lying at home counting down the days to my next take-off, I’m thinking of past lovers who’ve brought out a salacious side of me that I eagerly embrace. It’s the side of me that knocks softly on your hotel door after we’ve retired to our respective quarters, that craves to be explored by new caresses.


And that’s why I’ve been locking in new travel dates for 2019 with equal parts gratitude and excitement. 

So where will I be going?


Feb 17-23: Singapore

March 17-23: Perth

May 11-14: London

May 15-Late June: TBC (make a request)

Late June: London


Now is not the time to drag your feet.

I’m coming to your side of the world, so don’t pass up this opportunity to capture me at my finest.