Make her say HELL YES to a fly me to you date


 It’s not often that I’m blown away by organisation skills. Growing up in a household with a German father who prioritised efficiency and timeliness, managing schedules and punctuality were a part of my personality at a young age. I get anxious arriving late to meetings, and I’m known to arrive to an airport 3 hours before take off. Just in case something goes awry.

Being organised gives me an immense sense of clarity and calm, but in this industry I’ve grown to accept that I sometimes I will be the one managing itineraries.


Which is why I had to physically remove my jaw from the floor when I received a thoughtful itinerary/fly me to you request via email the other week.


So what makes a good fly me to you request? What made me hit REPLY straight away and say an instant HELL YES to this request, rather than waiting a few days? Or, worse yet, ignoring this request altogether?


How to organise a fly me to you date

There are a few crucial details you need in your email if you want your companion to respond with vim and vigour, and greet you with gratitude and warmth.

I’ve included these below, based on the aforementioned email I received a few weeks ago.


Note: I had had previous contact with this gentleman who had already organised a future dinner date with me in Melbourne. Although we hadn’t met in person, we’d already developed a rapport via email. Because of our existing rapport, this definitely influenced my response, as I already knew, liked and trusted him.


Here’s how you too can organise a stress-free Fly Me to You that has your companion packing her bags straight away!


1.    Tell her you can’t wait to see her

You know what makes the client/escort relationship easy and enjoyable? There are no games. You understand the terms of your arrangement, as does she, so there’s no need to act cavalier and aloof. Playing it cool and sending cryptic booking requests won’t get you far (e.g. saying you’d like to see her but not actually making a booking so you don’t appear too eager). The most enjoyable experiences require explicit communication, and if I’m being honest, enthusiasm! I feel all the more excited to see clients who are interested in seeing me and not afraid to tell me.

Tell her you can’t wait to see her smile in person, or see that particular lingerie set, or experience her marvellous touch once again. You get the gist.


2.    Send her a detailed itinerary with no room for error

If you know your companion’s timetable (generally present on her Scarlet Blue profile), you’ll be able to research flights yourself based off of the days she works. A great fly me to you request will have a breakdown of:

  • The date, time and length of your date. Keep in mind that most fly me to you dates need to be over 4 hours long to make it worth the logistical stress of travelling, and worth turning down work for a day in her home town.

  • Flight times and flight numbers. Be a gentleman and suggest a full service airline (aka not Jetstar or Scoot). Make sure checked baggage is included in the cost of the flight! She WILL need to check in a bag, as getting lube, condoms and toys through security is near impossible.

  • Airport parking costs in her hometown, or the cost of an Uber from her area.

  • The cost of an Uber from her destination to the hotel you’ll meet at, or your place if she’s comfortable coming to your home.

  • Transfer time from the airport to the hotel or your home.

  •  If you’d prefer her to book under her name, include the name and cost of a hotel for either over night or day use, plus the link or number to book.

  • A request for her deposit details for you to provide travel fees + booking deposit up front. For the sake of your privacy and hers, its always best to send her the full cost of flights + accommodation so that she can book it all herself.

  • Lunch plans. Not only will she need to replenish her energy from travelling, food is a sensual experience that can add a layer of eroticism to fluctuations in mood and energy. Why not include a delicious meal outside of the hotel, or room service if your hotel restaurant is exemplary?


3. Give her plenty of time

If she’s booked the hotel in her name, allow her extra time to check in to the hotel (if that’s where you’re meeting) so that she can embrace you free of stress and freshly showered. If you’ve booked the hotel, you might want to do the same.

4. Prioritise discretion

If your hotel room requires swipe card access, arrange to meet at a place nearby, so that you can exchange swipe cards. To ensure your rendezvous is discreet as possible, one of you can follow the other up after 5 minutes.


A fly me to you date is one of my favourite experiences. It feels equal parts thrilling and luxurious, because who wouldn’t want to be whisked away somewhere for a day? Not to mention, it’s an experience that makes both parties feel valued and special.

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