Why winter can be the most erotic season of all...


My recent romance with cold weather is not something that came easily to this beach baby. Growing up in Sydney, I was always more fond of the beach rather than the snow. 

In fact, I didn’t actually own a coat until I turned 19! 

But today? I find myself embracing chillier temperatures and the mystery of darker nights, foggy mornings, and the magic that lies in between.

So what’s to love about the mercury dropping below 10 degrees celsius?

Why, there’s much to enjoy that you might not have considered.

1.    It’s stocking season

Adorning my legs with pantyhose is something I relish in, just as much as I adore it being peeled off by a willing and eager gentleman. And judging by the volume of requests for stockings, I’d wager that not a single gent I’ve seen wouldn’t appreciate a good set of stockings. From lacy stay-ups in black or white to sheer, skin coloured stockings, ‘tis the season for a sexier leg.

2.    Fire places

Is there anything more enticing than a crackling fireplace and a warm rug for an evening of languid leisure? Just add a book, a glass of vino and an intimate companion, and call it a night to remember.

3.    You can’t appreciate what you don’t miss

There’s a reason why we look back upon summer so fondly, and that’s because we don’t truly fathom the joy of what becomes the norm. If it were summer all year around, the heat would wear us out and its exuberant nature would soon lose its lustre. Furthermore, we’d never have a chance to replenish our energy, to rest, and to enjoy the slower pace that winter affords.

4.    Layers of mystery

Sun kissed shoulders and bronzed bodies might do it for some, but for others, it’s the allure of a body wrapped in layers that may stimulate the imagination. Sure, a bikini is more overtly sexy, but what of knee high boots, a splendid pea coat and perhaps a long, silk scarf wrapped around a supple neck? Underneath this outer layer may be a woollen dress, some lacy lingerie, a garter belt, and high denier stay-ups. Just ravishing!

5.    Breakfast, tea and coffee under the covers

No one wants to stay in bed in the summer. It’s the season for jumping out the door and heading to brunch by the seaside. 

But in winter, the cozyness of your doona calls. A scrumptious breakfast of muffins, pancakes and a hot coffee sounds similarly indulgent. So why not have both? Winter and breakfast in bed go hand-in-hand.

Tell me, what season do you thrive in? Do you prefer the sweat, sand and sun of summer, or the cosy comforts that winter offers?

Let’s get cosy this season

Body heat is the best kind of method for staying warm in winter – it’s just science.

Whether you’ve only time for a short and sweet affair, or you’re after an overnight solstice celebration, be sure to send me a message with your ideal winter date.