To the newbie Escort in town

Hey beauty,

A warm welcome to our world. By now you’re probably set up with Scarlet Blue, had your professional photos taken, potentially have an ABN (you NEED that, by the way), and had a few bookings with some fine gentlemen callers. They’re bought your stunning lingerie, treated you to your first 7-course dugustation, and taught you how to play backgammon. You’re playing the game, and you’re playing it well.

You’re high on New Escort Energy and as your heels clack on the side walk from booking to booking. Ride that high. For as long as you can. It’s a delicious feeling, the thrill of this clandestine career.

By now, you’ve likely also experienced the bane of our existence – the Time Waster. You’ve been asked for pics, asked if you do anal, sent to an imaginary hotel room. Cried to no one because no one gets it. Told your friends who tell you to leave. Become a receptionist. Live a regular, safer life, free of strange men who ask for pics at 3 o’clock in the morning. Get used to the Time Waster – they sadly never go away, but you will find it easier to detect them the longer you stay entrenched in this game.

There’s going to come a time in your career – probably very early on – when a client says to you:

“Watch out for those crazy girls…”

“I’ve heard there are a lot of mean girls in this industry…”

“So-and-so is really awful. Stear clear!”

And right now I want to take your hand, offer you a glass of wine, and tell you this.

It’s bullshit. This industry is NOT a cesspool of cattiness, fighting and outing each other.

It’s 2019! Hello! Women support women. We’re feminists, we champion each other, and we help keep each other safe. We’re out here tweeting each other’s pics, having threesomes with out best friends, and recommending our girlfriends to excellent clients. We respond to reference checks with a smile and well-wishes, we rent out our in calls, and we share hotel recommendations. We will tell you ALL you need to know about money and how to keep it safe.

This community of women is one of the best things about this industry. And it doesn’t get spoken about enough.

That’s not to say there’s not a few bad apples in the industry.

Girls have been outed. Girls do gossip. Girls do block each other without notice. Girls do backstab.

But that’s the exception, not the norm (at least, it hasn’t been in my 2.5 years in the industry).

And to avoid making long-lasting, solid friendships and connections just because of a few bad apples is saddening.

To live life with a fear-based mentality closes you off from opportunities, experiences, and dare I say it – LOVE.

So, Miss New Escort in Town, it’s time to stop hiding behind your phone.

Start reaching out. Start tweeting at your peers. And start getting involved.

We're waiting for you, and we have mimosas at 11am.

Amber King